How I Pulled Myself Out Of Bankruptcy And Created A 24/7 Residual Income Using The Internet.  How You Can Realize True Financial Freedom Using My Proven Online Money Making Strategies.  Launch Your Own Online Income Stream With Websites, Blogs, e Books, And Classified Ad Websites.

"After being the victim of an embezzlement scam ten years ago, I lost my home, my cars, and ended up in bankruptcy.  I had no choice but to reinvent myself.  The truth is that my life today is much better than before.  I have learned a new way of making money using the Internet.  This allows me a lifestyle of freedom that I never imagined.  I am able to work from home, pursue my hobbies of music and sailing, and spend so much more time with my family." 

      James L. Paris – Founder Make Money With A Website.US


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Some Of The Books Written By Jim Paris


Glory Borgeson Author
Catapult Your Business To New Heights

Diana Williams Entrepreneur
Fort Worth Texas


Jack Lillie Mortgage Modifications
Chicago Illinois

John Connor
Dallas Texas


Nancy Jones Power Broker
Catapult Your Business To New Heights

Jim With The Incredible Hulk
Lou Ferigno

What You Will Learn From Jim's Training

  • How to set up a basic website or blog and launch your business within 24 hrs
  • The little known method of choosing a domain name that will push your site to the top with the search engines
  • Other secrets to achieving a high ranking in the major search engines
  • Simple methods of getting free links from high traffic websites and blogs to your site
  • 100% free advertising opportunities
  • How to use social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook to drive traffic to your site
  • Quick methods for creating income, such as installing google adsense ads on your site or blog
  • How to get paid $5 to more than a $1,000 for making posts to your blog about other businesses
  • Step by step how to create and send out press releases over the Internet to get TV and radio exposure for your online business
  • How to get additional exposure with Twitter, Squidoo, and other free sites
  • The basics of podcasting and how to begin your own podcast and get listed in iTunes and the other 7 major podcast directories
  • How to put streaming audio and video on your site
  • How to make money selling other people's products and services on your site
  • Easy ways of collecting money from your customers using Pay Pal and shopping carts
  • How to start an e mail database and get your customers to sign up for your e mail updates
  • How to use eBay to sell your products and drive traffic to your website
  • How to use Craigslist, newsgroups, forums, and other online communities to create a buzz about your online business
  • How to set up your business accounting and tax management
  • Strategies for structuring your business to reduce taxes (corporations, LLC'S, & Partnerships)